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Perceptions of Developmental Research in Zebrafish by plant people

  • The Devoto lab 
    Has no polygonum in 
    Their fishy full lab 

    Devotos devoted their 
    Lives to zebrafish 
    Slow muscle cell migration 

    Steve Devoto's lab 
    Eats zebrafish embryos 
    We only have plants 

    Shanklin three o nine 
    Home of the Zebra-Fishes 
    What an odd hybrid! 

    Oh to be a fish 
    Or to be an aquatic zebra 
    Our plastic plants' dream 

    • by The Sultans


The interaction of muscle cell dnPKA and adaxial cells under lateral presomitic conditions with EMS creme during a rainy day

  • In the glorious lab of Steve 
    Where the mission was to cleave 
    Nine-six adaxial cells 
    And transfer them to microtiter wells 
    And this they did achieve 

    Once this duty was performed 
    Devoto noticed that they were deformed 
    With a desparaging cry 
    He asked himself why 
    The cells did not fit the norm 

    From the wells they did emerge 
    And cast upon the world their spurge 
    With horns and fangs 
    And green clipped bangs 
    Our population they began to purge 

    With muscle cell dnPKA 
    Steve proceded to save the day 
    By attacking their genes 
    with EMS creme 
    Steve said "you're not here to stay!" 

    And thus it was so 
    The story did go 
    One fateful afternoon 
    Of impending biological doom 
    Wesleyan was saved by Devoto 

    • by The Sultans

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