Biol/MB&B 182: Principles of Biology

Office/Fourth hours: green donotes REVIEW SESSION
-open to spectators
Sunday 5-6 PM SciLi 87 Bo Song
Monday 5-6 PM SciLi87 Chris Chen, Chris Suriano
Tuesday 1-2 SciLi 87 Jacob Herman, Sam van Rensburg
Tuesday 3-4 Shanklin 306 Stephen Devoto
Tuesday 4-5 SciLi87 Abby Cram, Rob Clark
Wednesday 11-12AM Pi Café Stephen Devoto
Wednesday 4-5PM ESC137 Stephen Devoto
Wednesday 5-6PM SciLi87 Andrew Sun
Thursday 4-5 ESC 137 Stephen Devoto (PROBLEM SETS)
Thurs 5-6 SciLi 87 Jun Huang, Brandon Case

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